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The Speedy Talk

The Speedy Talk

The O.P.O Consulting Speedy Talk. A quick and efficient way to

O.P.O Consulting

O.P.O Consulting

Meet the actors of O.P.O Consulting. Discover their career paths, the obstacles they had to overcome and which led them to the O.P.O. path. During these interviews, we will discuss with them both personal and professional subjects.

Meeting the Original Potential

Meeting the Original Potential

In this monthly appointment, Loïc Aumont, founder of the O.P.O. Movement, gives you the first tools for personal deployment. This gold mine is intended for patients, parents and therapists..
From now on, come and learn more about the Optimization of the Original Potential.

Coach Assad

Coach Assad

Discover in partnership with Superworkout: the capsules of Coach Assad. In this section, you will find advice, exercises to help you improve your sports training.

Go élan

Validated by more than 300 psychomotricians throughout France, the Go élan application has won over both childcare professionals and parents. Thanks to this tool, parents are guided through the different stages of development of their child from 0 to 8 years old..

Each month, in collaboration with the Optimization of Child Development department of O.P.O Consulting, we are pleased to offer you an exclusive video of support or advice.

This initiative is part of the will to circulate knowledge carried by the O.P.O. movement of Optimization of the Original Potential so that each child can take advantage of it to experience its uniqueness. For further information:

Go élan

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New solutions for artists

New solutions for artists

Artistic performance

When we think about performance optimization, it is usually linked to high level sports. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t forget artistic performances that require training and generates just as much demand as high-level sport. Artistic performance can be multi-faceted, including vocal, circus, musical and many other performances.

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Performance: A History of details

Performance: A History of details

Sport performance

The contribution of medical staff around athletes to reduce injuries, improve recovery and ensure the appearance of serious pathologies has been recognised for years. Whilst science has progressed, technology has started to integrate itself into the training process. Athletes are now deeply analysed mathematically in terms of performance.

However, despite all of these scientific and human investments, the number of injuries remains substantial. What solutions can be considered and implemented to reduce the cost of injury or otherwise eradicate the lack of efficiency ?

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A Scientific necessity

A Scientific necessity

Research and development

In performance optimization, a scientific approach is a necessity to improve expertises and treatments.

The OPO method is a mixed marriage between high science knowledge, extreme technical ability and the human dimension of health care. Scientific knowledge is the source of our reflection process. The hand’s quality skills help us to offer a high level of service and unblock an invisible source of symptoms.

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Sophie Dumontet

Sophie Dumontet is a yoga teacher and hypnotherapist specializing in child ...

Sophie Dumontet is a yoga teacher and hypnotherapist specializing in child development. She is the author of 9 books on motherhood and early childhood. She created Hypno-yoga©, a method that combines yoga and hypnosis.

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Jauffrey Blervaque

Jauffrey Blervaque is the founder of Go Elan, the first parenting support ...

Jauffrey Blervaque is the founder of Go Elan, the first parenting support application. With a video library of more than 240 video tips, parents can also take advantage of local workshops on 27 key themes in early psychomotor education.

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Assadilah Karani

Assadilah Karani, is the founder of Superworkout, a company created to hel...

Assadilah Karani, is the founder of Superworkout, a company created to help athletes improve their performance. .

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