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O.P.O. expertise is complementary to the work of the technical and medical staff. It represents the missing piece of the "care/performance puzzle". Applicable in different contexts, O.P.O. expertise reinforces the know-how of each of the actors thus giving rise to new solutions.

The performer, whether an athlete, artist or professional, is above all a human being.
His performance depends on several parameters (the performance factors) that we can model as follows.

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Each one has its own skills

To achieve high performance, the athlete trains daily in order to expand and develop his skills. For this, he is accompanied in this process by trainers, health professionals, agents, etc. His environment depends on the discipline practiced, the level of requirement and the means at his disposal.

In order to reach high performance, the artist trains daily in order to develop his skills. For that he is accompanied in this process by teachers, managers, agents, health professionals, etc. His environment depends on the discipline practiced, the level of requirement and the means at his disposal.

In a company, the leaders who want to get the best from their employees must invest in the development of their skills, their health and take into consideration their concerns as individuals. Unfortunately, when confronted with those issues, the intervention of external consultants often provides quick fixes without addressing the root cause or offering long term solutions

The general organization

The three actors of performance are the performer, the team and the management.

The performer evolves within a vast environment where multiple actors and factors interact. Together they try to achieve their financial, athletic and individual goals.

The general organization

The staffs work in a multidisciplinary manner. The members are specialized in a specific field. Each one has a role and his own interpretative framework.

The world of performance is a privileged field of research. It is a place where innovation is key when trying to stay ahead of the competition. Over the years, the data’s development and technologies has undergone considerable change and became essential in the field of performance.

Developing the performer

The objective of the training is to make the different abilities progress.
Nevertheless, the development of one can be done at the expense of the other. High performance is a subtle balance between these different parameters. An imbalance can have multiple consequences such as: lack of progress, injuries, lassitude, lack of investment, loss of inspiration, chronic stress, etc.

Progress is limited. It is rapid at the beginning, then there is a stagnation and a regression (e.g.: following injuries or ageing). The more the level of the performer increases, the more he is advanced on his progression curve. He needs more and more stimulation for a progression that is sometimes minimal or even null. For the coach, it is therefore a question of developing the performer while paying attention to keep a balance.That is the HEALTH’S PERFORMANCE

Developing the performer
Non-linear learning
Non-linear learning

It can be done in stages, depending on the context and the environment:

  • Disciplines practiced
  • People (background, learning abilities, etc.)
  • Life events (accidents, injuries, priorities, etc.)
  • Training strategies (plans, methods...) support (quality of coaches, teachers, etc.)
  • Timing in relation to the main objective (overcompensation phenomenon, training cycle, short or long term vision?)
  • Financing (infrastructure, tools available, etc.)

The limits of this model appear in the absence of results and when recurring problems remain without long term solutions. This system is sub-optimal for several reasons and its functioning has multiple consequences.

The classic approach currently used in the coaching of high level performers is based on materialist science. The overuse of the technical and technological approach has shown its limits. It leads to a normative and segmented approach of the living.


Hyperspecialization prevents a global and multifactorial understanding. It creates gaps and misunderstandings between professionals. Although multidisciplinary collaboration exists, there is limited understanding of the links between them. The result is a lack of connection between professionals, few crossways skills and a lack of bridges between disciplines.

A lack of openness

The development of performers is done in a closed cycle. The staffs are composed of professionals specialized in a sport or artistic discipline. Thus, the world of performance is deprived of related skills and know-how that could enrich the range of solutions.

For example, scientific knowledge in child development is not used to optimize performance.

A lack of openness
Athletes and staffs in need of help :
Athletes and staffs in need of help :

Recently, many athletes such as Simone Biles (gymnastics), Naomi Osaka (tennis), or Demar DeRozan (NBA) have experienced and then testified to the shortcomings of current care. In history, some, such as Marco Van Basten and Ronaldo (soccer); Tracy McGrady and Greg Oden (NBA); Monica Seles (tennis); Mario Lemieux (NHL) have even seen their careers shattered.

At first, this may come as a surprise because of the excellence of their coaching. In reality, there are areas of health that are overlooked by the world of sports and artistic performance. We can mention psychological suffering (depression, anxiety, addictive behaviors, drugs, etc.) but also the invisible consequences of physical trauma (e.g. in the aftermath of concussions, surgery, etc.).

Unmet needs :

Unfortunately, despite the need felt by athletes and the objective difficulties encountered by technical staffs, there is a general reluctance (athletes, staff, agents, managers) to broaden the therapeutic range with unknown tools likely to solve productivity, human or extra-sporting problems.

Awareness is needed on the part of athletes, artists and their professional entourage. Excellence requires a deeper work on the individual. It requires that we no longer consider him as a productive machine but as a being in his own right.

Unmet needs :
A need for innovation :
A need for innovation :

Classical approach needs to be enriched by a non-normative, developmental and complementary vision likely to take care of complex problems and bridge the gap between the different specialists.

For all these reasons we have created the O.P.O. movement of Original Potential Optimization. This movement lays the conceptual and philosophical foundations that allow O.P.O. Consulting to elaborate concrete applications able to answer the problems encountered by high level performers and their staffs.

Our goal is to offer performers solutions that are appropriate to their needs, even if they are not necessarily aware of it at the time.

As we have seen previously, despite the contribution of technology to high performance optimization, science has still not been able to propose a practice capable of taking into account the complexity of each individual in a multifactorial environment with countless interrelationships. The number of recurrent injuries and the lack of long-term solutions underline the difficulty of the classical scientific approach to solve complex problems. The cost of injuries is a financial drain on franchises and professional clubs.

In the current state, complex multifactorial problems without answers or partially managed lead to:

The performer

Physical health : therapeutic wandering, injury cycles, fragility, recurrences.

Mental health : doubts, chronic stress, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, loss of confidence.

Performance impairment : forfeitures, shortened or failed career.

Financial impact : decrease in value, decrease in income


Risk of losing one’s job: family stress, precariousness

Chronic stress : irritability, anxiety, feelings of incompetence

Consequences on the team : tensions, management, results, efficiency, etc.

The structure

Financial losses : decrease in revenues, decrease in player values, poor investments

Bad results : instability, absence of athletes, cancellation of tours, decrease in productivity

International reputation : media criticism, fans, etc.

An alternative and incomplete solution


In the absence of solutions, the clubs must then separate themselves, or even get rid of their less performing players even though they have lost their purchase value. This was for example the case of Real Madrid with Gareth Bale or Antoine Griezmann or Samuel Umtiti with FC Barcelona.

This is unfortunate for the players but also for the clubs as there are resources that are not exploited.

If you know performers who should benefit from our expertise introduce them to us and become a business introducer.

Becoming an O.P.O business introducer

By investing in O.P.O Consulting’s premium expertise, come and take advantage of new perspectives and discover previously unexplored solutions. Enrich your organization with the support of our different departments.

Let’s build together the path towards the expression of your full potential.

  • Improve the work of the technical and medical staffs
  • Give a new impulse to the tools already used by the staffs
  • To respond to specific and delicate problems
  • Identify the limits to the expression of the Original Potential
  • To guide our clients and members towards the expression of their full potential
Our missions

« O.P.O is a unique approach at the crossroads of various performance factors. It is at this crossroads that the stories of tomorrow are written. »


Loïc Aumont
President of O.P.O Consulting

The intervention of O.P.O includes two possible levels of intervention: The free expression and the deployment of the Original potential.

The free expression of the Original Potential

The free expression of the Original Potential

Remove the limits to the expression of optimal potential by restoring harmony to the triangle of mobilities.

As we said before, when a performer is an expert in his field, he needs a lot of stimulation for little results. O.P.O Consulting will allow him to experiment with new stimuli and to identify the obstacles to his optimal potential. Our intervention also includes a more subtle dimension described in the star of the optimal potential.

Using multiple tools and disciplines to release identified barriers to optimal potential. It includes work on the quality and quantity of movement of the whole individual, but also his environment and habits.

Nicolas Duc-Dodon
Nicolas Duc-Dodon
Californian Surfer

Surfing combines timing, balance and endurance into something that we can call the “art of motion’.
O.P.O vision and its applications(performance and recovery) help us getting closer to the art of motion. When you’ll try it, you’ll understand the subtleties hidden into O.P.O expertise and the values the team is carrying.

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The deployment of the Original potential

The deployment of the Original potential

To reinvigorate the tools already used by the technical staff by working on the acquisition of prerequisites.

The development of the individual is done according to the pyramid of learning. It starts from the intrauterine life. The development phase between 0 and 7 years old is crucial since it includes the integration of all the bases necessary to the expression of the full potential of an individual (complex movements, cognition, happiness, etc.)

As children we are built with and on our insufficiency. Some major developmental milestones may not have been adequately acquired. Yet we have continued to evolve, and this thanks to the human being’s capacity for adaptation and resilience.

Thus, today, we can say that this incomplete development is part of who « I am ».

Thanks to the resources of the different departments of O.P.O Consulting, our team is able to offer an analysis that is both relevant and unexpected.

Explanations :

As adults we unconsciously define ourselves through them by expressions such as: « I am … » ; « I have always been … » ; « It is not my field … » ; « I do not like … » ; « I am not good at … ». There are so many examples in which our shortcomings have contributed to build our personality and our relationship to the world.

The mistake is to think that the labels we give ourselves are truths that define us. In reality, our behaviors are governed unconsciously by our insufficiency. The unintegrated prerequisites express themselves and create invisible barriers within which the original potential is restricted.

Thus, in spite of a quality training, athletic or artistic, certain problems cannot be solved without the acquisition of the missing prerequisites.
When the prerequisites are integrated, the limiting behaviors disappear. The athlete, the artist discover hidden resources and surprise themselves with the results of our method.

Sami Tebib
Sami Tebib
Professional Guitarist

My fretting hand is giving me the sensation of flying on the neck which I couldn’t imagine prior to that experience. 

The work is still in progress, and I feel a real evolution in my physical and mental awareness. the obstacles to my expression are falling apart, I’m rediscovering my instruments and what I can tell with them. It is fulfilling to feel yourself grow and reconnect with who you are.

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Application of the O.P.O. concepts from the earliest age in order to accompany the deployment of the original potential of each child.

Our wish for the future

Application of the O.P.O. concepts from the earliest age in order to accompany the deployment of the original potential of each child.

Thus we firmly believe in accompanying adults, whether they are parents, teachers, coaches or health professionals. By helping them unfold their potential and free themselves from their own labels, it is possible to offer children an optimal environment for their development.

We also work on issues of early childhood, school, sports and art education, in order to build a support that can lead to large-scale changes. The goal is to make O.P.O. innovations accessible to all school children and avoid developmental wandering. In life, every day counts. Each stimulation can make us freer and fulfilled

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  • Includes a curative, preventive, developmental and performance optimization approach.

The non-normative, liberating and developmental approach carried by the O.P.O. Original Potential Optimization movement makes O.P.O. Consulting’s expertise a UNIQUE PREMIUM OFFER.

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