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Sport Performance Optimization Department

Sport Performance Optimization Department

At O.P.O Consulting we have implemented a method built on over 10 years’ worth of experience in high-performance sport. We have practiced this for 6 years with professional athletes, semi-professionals and amateur athletes and performers. The results we had on this wide range of disciplines, levels, ages and sexes prompted us to structure this know-how in-to a method capable of meeting the growing demand of these professionals.

New reading prisms

Our mission is to support the daily work of technical and medical staff, by identifying and then solving problems previously unknown, hidden or unresolved. Through these solutions, it is a question of leading the masterpiece of the human being towards its full expression. By investing in this liberating approach, our clients assume a strategic choice aimed at shaking up the established habits. Thus any institution wishing to stand out from the competition will find in O.P.O a healthy way to combine sporting, financial and human results.

A tailored-made offer

We act as external consultants to professional teams and offer various formulas that can be curative, preventive or developmental. These solutions are customised and supported by the R&D department, which is committed to analysing and researching new ways of working in order to always stay one step ahead of the competition.


At O.P.O. we've developed around the « Mobility Triangle » a special offer for athletes who have been suspended for doping. Through this approach we help them understand the reasons that led them to endanger their health, and we give them the means to take back their destiny by guiding them in their reconstruction as human beings.

Transcending the athlete and its team

O.P.O now offers a range of options that can be adapted to the needs of professional teams, stables, and world athletes. In offering this range of options we are bringing all of the expertise a performer or athlete could need into one package, thus allowing the "Optimal Potential" »to be met.



Founder C.E.O &
Osteopath D.O.

Marine Fromental

Marine Fromental

Director of C.D.O Department
Osteopath D.O.

Guillaume Cristofini

Guillaume Cristofini

Director of R&D Department
Osteopath D.O.

Joseph Tambourgi

Joseph Tambourgi

On-Call Osteopath

Julien Luthringer

Julien Luthringer

Mental and Performance Coach

Jeremy Mialhe

Jeremy Mialhe

Physical trainer

Nicolas Acquié

Nicolas Acquié

Osteopath D.O

PHD Marvin Gaudino

PHD Marvin Gaudino

Mental Coach, hypnosis practicioner,
Performance Optimization Instructor

Sherman Hudson

Sherman Hudson

Physical Prep Coach specialized in bodybuilding

Our services

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Reaching O.P.O Consulting is to seize the opportunity to explore new ways thanks to the Optimization of the Original Potential

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Solve a recurring and specific problem 

Don't waste any more time! The solutions are there for you.

. Are you facing recurring problems ?
. Several pains appear without reason ?
. Pain persists despite successive treatments ?
. Does your pain limit your performance and affect your mind ?
. The solutions in place only bring temporary relief ?
. Are you blocked, stopped and without solution ?
. The treatments used are ineffective, aren’t its? Your staff is now helpless, isn’?

Observe your situation together thanks to the O.P.O. reading prisms.

Thanks to a unique method, our team will help you get out of the impasse.

By identifying the cause of your pain and orienting your treatment, we will work together to fully express your original potential.

Preserve your potential 

Go for prevention and health performance

. You want to anticipate setbacks by strengthening your foundation, don’t you ?
. Do you want to put in place habits that will lead you to the highest level ?
. You want to improve your learning abilities and progress faster, don’t you ?
. You understand the need to take care of your body to perform over time, don’t you ?
. Are you ready to enrich your technical staff with new and innovative skills ?

Take advantage of a complete expertise, both technical, therapeutic and developmental.

We offer a unique approach in which health and development are at the heart of sports and athletic performance.

Combined with O.P.O. tools for the release of original potential, come and acquire the essential steps to develop your performance.

The work done will give a new impetus to the tools used since the beginning of your career.

Optimize your performance 

Stand out and choose innovation.

. Are you performing well but want to go further ?
. You think that some details have been forgotten, don’t you ?
. You don't want to rest on your past results, do you ?
. Are you looking for a way to surpass yourself again ?
. Would you like to become stronger, more enduring and technical ?

Let us surprise you and discover the quintessence of the O.P.O. method.

Benefit from a complete expertise, technical, therapeutic and developmental.
Work on your learning abilities to progress faster.

The work done will give a new impetus to the tools you have used since the beginning of your career and will allow you to push back the factors that limit you.

Let's go beyond what you think is possible.

Addressing mental health 

Unleash the Human Behind the Athlete.

. Do you need to master everything to succeed ?
. Do you want to get rid of the stress that paralyzes you ?
. During important events, the pressure prevents you from expressing yourself fully.
. Do you feel trapped by your psychological suffering, the stakes and the media ?
. Do people say that you are fragile and that you have no mental capacity ?
. Have you already tried several mental trainers, but the results did not live up to your expectations ?

We offer you a complete approach, both technical, therapeutic and developmental.

Let's look at reality from a broader perspective. Let's see the Human hidden behind the performer.

Thanks to the method of personal deployment which combines work on the mind, the body and the emotions, you can finally break the deadlock.

We will guide you on this personal path.

Let's build together the path towards appeasement and the expression of your full potential.

Traumatic antecedents 

The unseen consequences of trauma.

. Have you been in a car accident, a severe shock ?
. You regularly suffer multiple traumas and you would like to take care of them specifically ?
. You have suffered a concussion and have been experiencing symptoms ever since ?
. Since this trauma, everything has become different ?
. Are you afraid of lifelong side effects ?
. Do you now feel diminished and tired ?
. Your sleep is no longer recuperative and you have headaches ?

Invisible consequences of trauma are missed by conventional treatment.

Complete your treatment with O.P.O. expertise and discover a new approach capable of freeing certain micro-movements at the origin of the remaining functional symptoms.

Thanks to a fine expertise focused on the restoration of the primordial physiological mechanisms, it is possible to release certain fixations at the origin of your symptoms.

We will also work on specific stimuli to support brain plasticity and orient it in the desired direction.

Team management 

Value the human factor and put it to work for the team.

. You are a coach, a leader and you want to improve the efficiency of your team ?
. Some players or athletes do not give the best of themselves ?
. Their lack of seriousness affects the results of the whole team ?
. Are there many conflicts within the group ?
. The egos of the players have become a hindrance to the functioning of the team ?

We suggest to accompany you throughout these difficulties thanks to the tools of personal deployment developed by O.P.O.

The balance of a structure is hidden in the development of each of its members.

It is essential that they feel understood and find a meaning to their journey.
Thanks to this method, players find themselves at ease in their relationship with themselves and with others.

This contributes to the smooth functioning of the group by facilitating interpersonal communication.

This new balance can allow the shiest players to blossom and awaken a dormant leadership.

Performance: A History of details

Performance: A History of details

The contribution of medical staff around athletes to reduce injuries, improve recovery and ensure the appearance of serious pathologies has been recognised for years. Whilst science has progressed, technology has started to integrate itself into the training process. Athletes are now deeply analysed mathematically in terms of performance.

However, despite all of these scientific and human investments, the number of injuries remains substantial. What solutions can be considered and implemented to reduce the cost of injury or otherwise eradicate the lack of efficiency ?

Read more

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