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Child development Optimization Department

Child development Optimization Department

At O.P.O., our first mission is to identify and then reduce all obstacles that hinder and slow down optimal development and performance.

It therefore seemed essential to us to bring a developmental dimension to the O.P.O. movement and to consider the early stages of life and the environment as pivotal elements in the development of the « O.P.O Optimal Potential »

Marine Fromental

Marine Fromental

Director of C.D.O Department
Osteopath D.O.

Jonathan Cambon

Jonathan Cambon

Optimization of Child Development, Teaching Specialist

Maud Dallard-Sauvêtre

Maud Dallard-Sauvêtre

Optimization of Child Development

Martine Arnaut

Martine Arnaut

General Practitioner and osteopath
Specialized in pediatry

Guy Chantrieux

Guy Chantrieux

Osteopath D.O.

We have thus developed a holistic way of conceiving the development of the child within the different spheres of which it is composed: sensitive, motor, affective, cognitive or epigenetic.

While seeking to identify and act on external environmental factors, our therapists detect, through their knowledge and technical finesse, invisible internal obstacles to the full expression of these children's developmental potential.

We are then allowed to:

  • To propose to the professional structures an optimal development of their young members.
  • Enrich other departments through the pooling of multidisciplinary expertise and knowledge.
  • To preserve and build a child's confidence by giving them the opportunity to explore their full potential beyond norms and conditioning.

O.P.O Community:

To share this vision with healthcare professionals, childcare professionals, and parents concerned about finding new non-prescriptive and effective solutions through O.P.O. conferences and events.

Tomorrow’s world:

This expanded vision for all will lead future generations of parents, children and therapists to express their full potential whether in activities such as sports, the arts, or in their relationships with others, with their environment or with themselves.

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Organize or participate in O.P.O. conferences and trainings 

Nothing better to learn and understand O.P.O. thinking and its applications.

. Are you interested in topics we cover ?
. Would you like to know more and dig deeper into the concept of Original Potential Optimization ?
. Would you like to implement this approach in your life and around you ?
. Would you like to share and be part of knowledge’s diffusion ?
. You wish to contribute to the development of O.P.O.’s new thinking applications and bring your expertise ?

Conferences and trainings about the original potential will be organized in the near future.

Currently unavailable, these trainings aim to accompany those who wish to understand O.P.O. thinking.

The objective is to relay the fundamentals of the O.P.O. movement to individuals so that they integrate them and play their role within the O.P.O. ecosystem.

Discover the training courses on child development optimization 

Optimization of the Original Potential to the Children

. Would you like to experience a non-normative and liberating method?
. Are you tired of passing on your own beliefs and certainties?
. Are you looking for a way to expand your knowledge of child development?
. Would you like to accompany the children around you with the O.P.O method?

The actors of the O.P.O Consulting child development department offer you trainings adapted to your needs in which you will learn to apprehend child development differently.

Thanks to the O.P.O movement, we are building a path towards a non-normative and liberating approach to human development.

Adapted to professionals, parents and caregivers, this training evolves according to its audience. We share with you conceptual bases, theoretical knowledge and practical applications.

Experiments and applications of O.P.O. thinking 

Practical applications of O.P.O. thinking.

. Are you a health professional, teacher, trainer and you wish to discover O.P.O applications in your field ?
. Do You wish to contribute to the development of new applications of O.P.O.’s thinking and bring your expertise ?

Based on foundations of this liberating and non-normative development method, we are working on expanding its practical applications.

To date, our research focuses mainly on school education, childcare, and the health system.

Order pedagogical materials 

Sharing knowledge for personal deployment.

. You like the O.P.O informative posters and you would like to use them to decorate your professional premises, wouldn’t you ?
. You know how essential the knowledge of parents and caregivers is for the good development of children. You wish to participate in this chain of sharing.

We offer several O.P.O posters on child development.

You can display them in your waiting rooms and inform your customers ingeniously.

Subjects already treated are (non-exhaustive list): Putting on your child's shoes, Free motor skills, Stages of child development, limiting screens, Playing with your child, etc.

Humanitarian projects 

Optimization of the Original Potential in the service of Humanity.

. Would you like to participate in a humanitarian project and share the O.P.O vision?
. Would you like to invest yourself in a humanitarian project ?
. Are You looking for a framework in which to realize a humanitarian adventure ?
. You are touched by Ecology, aren’t you ?

We are looking for students, professionals or not, with humanist values to organize any type of humanitarian or ecological project.

Every ideas and wills are good to take.

Come and discuss it directly with us. And let's build this project together.

Free Children's potential

Free Children's potential


O.P.O is a developmental movement which want to build a better world for the future. For that reason, we think it is essential to shift the focus of child development on humanist and non-normative values. In this article, you are going to understand the genesis of our Child Development Optimization Department.

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