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Free Children's potential


Free Children's potential

O.P.O is a developmental movement which want to build a better world for the future. For that reason, we think it is essential to shift the focus of child development on humanist and non-normative values. In this article, you are going to understand the genesis of our Child Development Optimization Department.

At O.P.O. Consulting, we have developed a vision that allows us to identify and then remove the obstacles to our patients' full expression. We have based our thinking on current scientific knowledge and have analysed it in the light of humanistic philosophy in order to put in place a method allowing the optimisation of sporting and artistic performance.

Nevertheless, the need to bring a developmental dimension to the O.P.O. movement quickly became apparent to us as fundamental to complete this holistic vision.

Since our mission is to bring our clients towards their optimal O.P.O. potential, it is open to question whether the optimal potential we are aiming for is really total? Are we not only able to reach a relative optimal potential limited by the previous choices of our patients?

Indeed, from studies in epigenetics, we now know that gene expression changes during the course of existence without necessarily leading to a change in the DNA sequence. These changes can be transient over one or more generations and a single cause can affect many genes at once. The environment therefore actively acts on genetics via several epigenetic action mechanisms such as histone methylation, cytosine methylation on cytosine-guanine (2bases on DNA), micro messenger RNA coding and alternative splicing (role of introns, i.e. DNAs that do not code for protein synthesis).

The case of bee larvae becoming queens is characteristic of epigenetic action. Fed with royal jelly for 21 days, unlike their fellow bees, future queens benefit from a special diet, thus modifying the entire trajectory of their lives.

But this type of modification is not unique to the animal kingdom. The environment has also an impact on humans. Moreover, certain epigenetic modifications have been shown to occur as early as the 12th day of embryological development. However, they are not always positive.

Indeed, scientific studies have shown, among other things, important metabolic changes, such as growth delays or metabolic syndromes, in children with a hyper-fatty gestational diet. The optimal potential of a living being can therefore be affected or stimulated from conception and throughout life. It will remain sensitive to the decisions and strategies put in place.

At O.P.O Consulting, this information has led us to seek ways to enhance epigenetic action throughout the child's development process, in order to promote a positive expression of its genetic potential.

But it doesn't stop there. It is essential to grasp now the multifactorial dimension of the means of action presented by O.P.O. Consulting and the in-depth work carried out with the other actors of childhood.

While seeking to identify and act on external environmental factors, our therapists detect, through their knowledge and technical finesse, invisible internal obstacles to the full expression of the developmental potential of these children.

By extending the vision and concepts of O.P.O. to the foetus, the new-born, the child and the pregnant woman, we can seriously strive towards the development of an adult's optimal potential.

The child development optimisation department is thus directly linked with the performance optimisation departments in order to offer professional structures optimal development of their young people by giving them access to the innovations and know-how of O.P.O Consulting.

The pooling of multidisciplinary expertise and knowledge, via the O.P.O community and our different departments, allows us to achieve a high level of quality and then share it with the greatest number of people.

This broadened vision for all will lead future generations of parents, children and therapists to express their full potential whether in activities such as sports, the arts, or in their interpersonal relationships, with their environment or with themselves.


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