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Artistic Performance Optimization Department

Artistic Performance Optimization Department

When we think about performance optimization, it is usually linked to high level sports. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t forget artistic performances that require training and generates just as much demand as high-level sport. Artistic performance can be multi-faceted, including vocal, circus, musical and many other performances.



Founder C.E.O &
Osteopath D.O.

Guillaume Cristofini

Guillaume Cristofini

Director of R&D Department
Osteopath D.O.

Delphine Dietrich

Delphine Dietrich

Orthoptist D.E
R&D Department

Julien Luthringer

Julien Luthringer

Mental and Performance Coach

Nicolas Acquié

Nicolas Acquié

Osteopath D.O

Guy Chantrieux

Guy Chantrieux

Osteopath D.O.

Innovative and sustainable solutions

In these days, it is not rare to see artists who suffer unnecessarily. Modern history is full of examples to describe these problems. Nevertheless, their large number should not lead us to consider them as belonging to any kind of normality. Many artists have suffered from pathologies that could have been avoided, prevented or reduce before they became serious and led to the cancellation of concerts, tours or the cessation of all professional activity.

A tailor-made offer

The O.P.O method helps many artists, singers, dancers or musicians throughout the world in their search for performance, health, or general balance. We act as close as possible to the artists during performances, intensive rehearsals or emergencies. We receive the artists in his or her entirety, as a performer but also as a man or a woman, in order to provide him or her with adapted, unsuspected and efficient solutions.

Strive for excellence

We can optimize this performance by directing our research towards the development of the « Optimal Potential » and its full expression. By unblocking certain obstacles to performance, and by acting on certain structures, an artistic dimension becomes accessible through clinical results. The voice vibrates differently, the guitarist's hand finds a fluidity rarely achieved, and the dancer expresses his emotions more easily through the movement.

Addiction : health, prevention and stage performance

We are also deeply interested in the addiction problems encountered by some professional artists in order to help them restore a balance between their health and the demands inherent to their level of performance. The O.P.O method, while improving the artists' performance, acts in a preventive way on the pressures arising from their environment in order to prevent them from an infamous end.

Our services

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Pain management 

Get rid of the pain that limits you

. Are you suffering from persistent pain ?
. Several pains appear without reason ?
. The intensive practice of your art has repercussions on your body, hasn’t it ?
. Classic treatments have limited effects ?
. You do not respect your body and push it beyond its limits, do you ?
. You can’t find the reasons of our pain ?
. Your staff is helpless ?

We provide you with a complete analysis to identify the causative factors of your pain and bring solutions adapted to your suffering.

Thanks to O.P.O.'s expertise, you will find answers to your pain and you will be able to express the full extent of your creative and artistic talent.

Optimizing your artistic performance 

Stand out and fully deploy your artistic potential

. Are you stagnating and at a standstill in your creative process ?
. Something is stopping you from moving forward, isn’t it ?
. You would like to continue to progress, wouldn’t you ?
. You need a technical expertise such as singing or playing an instrument to continue learning and expand your technical skills ?
. Would you like to be accompanied on your international tours ?
. Would you like to take care of your preparation and training ?

We provide you with an expertise capable of answering your questions.

We will verify the acquisition of the prerequisites for your personal deployment and thus for your optimal performance. This work will give a new impulse to the tools used since the beginning of your career.

We can also improve your training habits in order to facilitate your learning, prevent pain and prepare you for the desired events.

Take advantage of our expertise in sports performance to enrich your training.

Artists’health : long-term prevention 

Making recovery optimal for long-term performance

. You are aware of the demands of an international tour and want to be as prepared as possible ?
. You wish to avoid the appearance of pain linked to the intensive practice of your art ?
. You would like to find a balance between your performance and your health, wouldn’t you ?
. Is your sleep difficult? Would you like to sleep better ?
. Do you have trouble letting go of the pressure after a stage performance ?

We offer you an expertise capable of meeting your every need.

Beyond what you have experienced, we bring you tailor-made and curated solutions to prevent the appearance of new pains.

By improving your general ergonomics, posture, sleep quality and many other parameters, we can alleviate the impact of your artistic performance on your health.

By investing in prevention, you give your body everything it needs to last.

Artists’ mental health 

No Taboos. Take care of your mental health now.

. Are you experiencing psychological suffering ?
. Your life as an artist is stressful, difficult and sometimes exhausting, isn’t it ?
. You feel drained, don’t you ?
. You have a difficulty recovering after concerts, haven’t you ?
. Do you use illicit substances ?
. Do you have addictive behaviors ?
. Cures have failed several times and you are worried about your health ?

Many artists and their entourage are helpless while facing psychological sufferings.

The management of psychological sufferings is a vast field in which the O.P.O tools of personal deployment bring new and profound solutions.

Mental health is more than just a state of mind. It is a larger balance between your body, your emotions and your psyche.

By rebalancing the whole triangle of mobilities, it is possible to free yourself from dark thoughts and find the inner harmony able to move away from addictive behaviors.

Enriching your creations 

Enrich your creations and create collaborative projects and artistic partnerships.

. Ideas are scarce, you lack inspiration ?
. You can no longer produce successful creations ?
. Do you need to reinvent yourself ?
. You wish to experiment new artistic ways ?

Take advantage of an environment conducive to creation.

Thanks to our talent incubator, we participate in connecting artists from different worlds to allow the emergence of new and unique creations.

Let's think about common projects with O.P.O. artists.

Discover young beatmakers, musicians.

Come and exchange with the members of our staff.

Join the O.P.O. talent incubator 

Become an O.P.O artist and benefit from a unique developmental expertise.

. Are you talented and working alone in your corner ?
. You are a young artist, do you want to take advantage of O.P.O tools to develop as an artist ?
. You want to share your art with other professional performers ?
. You need a creative environment, don’t you ?
. You would like to share your creations with recognized professional artists, wouldn’t you ?

We accompany you on your way to full artistic expression

Learn the right habits.n
Explore your original potential.

Anticipate the pain and go beyond your limits

Make your art known throughout the different O.P.O. media

New solutions for artists

New solutions for artists

When we think about performance optimization, it is usually linked to high level sports. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t forget artistic performances that require training and generates just as much demand as high-level sport. Artistic performance can be multi-faceted, including vocal, circus, musical and many other performances.

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